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AllCom Connect, Inc. is a Woman-Owned Business and was founded in the spirit of helping. We take pride in helping customers understand the technologies available that can make their lives easier and eliminate unnecessary expenses. We are always ready to explain things in a manner that can be easily understood. After all, we are the telecom experts, and it’s our job to help you to make informed decisions about what is right for your business. In fact, we often talk to our customers out of a sale because they just don’t really need what they thought they needed. Every employee at AllCom is onboarded with this philosophy and mandate. It's just who we are.


  • 35 years in the Telecom & IT industry

  • From older / legacy equipment to the leading-edge technologies

  • Experienced low voltage cablers who can cable any building

  • CAT3/5/6/7 / COAX / FIBER

  • Industry-certified Technicians

  • National network of technicians



We have an affinity for charitable causes, grassroots and faith-based organizations. We understand that every dollar counts and the less you spend on expenses, the more funds you’ll have available for the people you serve. This is why we voluntarily offer a 10% discount to all nonprofits.


We also donate equipment and services wherever possible. When we sell a new phone system or computer equipment, rather than toss out or sell the old equipment, we salvage it and donate it to nonprofits. If your organization has a need for equipment repair or replacement, telecom expense management, or just initial consultative services, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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