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Structured Cabling

Data Cabling

  • CAT5

  • CAT5e

  • CAT7

  • CAT8

  • Fiber

  • Underground

  • Aboveground

  • In Conduit

  • Point-to-Point

  • Warehouses

  • Industrial

  • Construction Sites




Issues With Existing Cabling?

We have 35+ years of experience in cabling whether it be for phone, desktop, access points or data centers. We have the tools and knowledge to fix your data connections and get you back online. 

New Construction

We have lost of experience in cabling new construction from residential styled buildings to large commercial warehouses. Let AllCom Connect help keep your business connected. 

Need for Speed

We can implement high speed networks using fiber with speeds in excess of 10GBps to each switch and can be over 1GBps per Desktop. 

Long Distance Cable Run?
Wireless Point-to-Point Solution May Be Your Answer

If you have a area that needs to internet but it's too far, or your service provider doesn't provide service to that building, this is your solution. Hard to reach areas have now become more accessible thanks to wireless bridges. Now you can have the experience of a wired solution without the large upfront cost. These bridges are very reliable and provide very low latency solutions. Bridges can offer coverage up to a half mile with 500mbps speeds!


Cable Installed...

Now what?

A well protected network is a requirement for protecting your business from hackers and viruses. We have firewalls that meet any office size, from 10 users to 500 users. Ubiquiti firewalls have great versatility and allows features like Windows Remote Desktop, Port Forwarding, and much more!


AllCom Connect offers a complimentary audit of your current phone and internet bills. Our analysts typically save customers 40-70 percent off their bills PER MONTH!

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